Focus & Objective

The i3 Institute was established with the purpose of building community leaders and inspiring Islamic preachers within the future Muslim generation.

In that pursuit, our educational style focuses on both instilling sound islamic knowledge, along with teaching critical thinking.

I3 provides classical Islamic education through a unique modern & interactive college-level teaching approach.


The blessed month of Ramadan, 2011, in Toronto, Canada was when the first I3 course was piloted, focused on the fiqh of fasting. This was followed by I3’s flagship course, Fiqh 101, becoming the most popular course amongst the institute’s students. The methodology of delivery of the pilot course proved successful, and the demand for such a style in delivering islamic education was proven necessary.


Utilizing the latest educational teaching techniques, our teaching style provides knowledge in a way that stirs the thinking process, and intrigues the student to learn more, all while making the material consumable through multiple senses, and providing real life scenarios to be responded to in the class.

Our philosophy can be summarized as …

  • Interactive: Our teaching style sets interactivity between the student and the instructor as being the #1 priority. We engage the student through multiple mean: open discussions, problem solving, presentations, group work and more! That’s why we keep our classes small in size and have a very low teacher-student ratio.
  • Intensive: Even though our courses are fun to attend, we do not sacrifice the high caliber of knowledge we deliver. The knowledge acquired is deep, and the learning experience will definitely awaken any sleepy brain!
  • Inspiring: Our first and foremost goal is to inspire the young generation to learn their Deen, and for the more mature student to feel confident that it is not too late to learn Islam!

Freeing the intellect at no charge!

Our educational style, even though deep and intensive given the nature of the material taught, can easily be adapted into the busy lifestyle of Western urban North American cities. More importantly, all our programming is free of charge to ease the process of seeking Islamic knowledge.