The Outreach Department consists of three major services.

Dawah Training

The i3 Dawah Team has conducted several Dawah Training workshops all across Canada. Our goal is to setup multiple Dawah teams in all major cities. We provide comprehensive basic training which includes how to answer the most difficult questions faced by Muslims. In addition to that we are developing specialized trainings that would focus on different areas of Dawah. To book a Dawah training please contact dawah@i3institute.ca

New Muslim Care

The i3 Institute has a unique program for New Muslims to ensure that the needs of our new brothers and sisters are met. Many new Muslims are faced with many immediate challenges like the need for Islamic education and social integration within the Muslim community.

We have many students who are converts to Islam and faced similar challenges. In light of this and to empower our new Muslim brothers and sisters, the i3 Institute has programs to teach the new converts the fundamentals of Islam and to show care and empathy towards them.

Faith Crisis

Many of our Muslims brothers and sisters are suffering from major doubts about Islam which results in loss of identity and self worth. Currently we have no solid mechanism to combat the new wave of atheism and concepts foreign to Islam. At i3 we are working very hard to rebuttal the most common doubts. We have a strong mentorship program and avenues for continuous learning that will lead to not only strengthening of Imaan but to build a wholesome strong Islamic personality that will ensure success in this world and the hereafter.

To reach out please contact dawah@i3institute.ca