Who We Are


Chair of Board: Shiekh Osta
Vice Chair of Board: Salar Rasoul
Secretary: Adnan Ahmed Khan
Treasurer: Bilal Sheikh

Sheikh Osta

Sheikh Osta has been teaching Islamic knowledge for over a decade. He is an inspiring Islamic speaker and khatib in the Greater Toronto Area.

Sheikh Osta is currently completing his Masters in Islamic Shariah, and holds a Bachelors in Arabic and Islamic Studies. He has learned from 11 prominent scholars including Dr. Abdul-Fattah Idris, a leading Comparative Fiqh professor at al-Azhar.

Sheikh Rasoul

Sheikh Rasoul is a teacher, a leader, and an active contributor to the community. He currently serves as the principal at ISNA High School.

Shiekh Rasoul has memorized the Qur’an and conveys his knowledge through khutbas and halaqas at various mosques within the GTA.

He holds an electrical engineering degree from Ryerson University, a Bachelor’s of Education degree from the University of Toronto and a Master’s in Education degree from Brock University specializing in leadership and administration in education.

Adnan Ahmed Khan

Adnan has been part of the i3 Institute Inc. since 2015. He serves as  a Board Member and an Instructor for the i3 Institute. He is currently enrolled in the Bachelors of Islamic Studies program at Mishkah University and also pursuing Arabic Studies from The Quran Institute.

He graduated as a Mechatronics Engineer from the University of Waterloo and is currently working as a Senior Process Planner at a plastic injection mold making company.

Bilal Sheikh

Bilal Sheikh has been  with the i3 Institute and many other Islamic institutions for many years now and is serving as an Instructor and Exec Member at i3 Institute. He is also a student of Mishkah University.

He works as an engineer and project manager with a special interest in environmental projects.He has been involved with youth and dawah initiatives around GTA and Hamilton.