Introducing the AIS Program

The YD Program has been a great success for the last few years. We have had 13 classes operating, and we think it is the right time to introduce our community to a new program....


This program is super intensive and very comprehensive and covers a structure of material similar to that of Islamic universities. This is for those who want to take their knowledge to the next level and cause change in their own lives. We are asking all the highly committed students to sign up.



You can expect to cover a wide range of topics like Tafsir, classical Fiqh texts, Comparative Fiqh, Quranic Sciences, Hadith Sciences, Fiqh of Da'wah, Aqeedah, Tazkiya and Tasawwuf, and much more.



An equivalent program costs over $20,000 CAD. However, we are offering this program for $100 per term (Excluding a registration fee), for which you will have online access to, from the comfort of your own home.

The Objectives of the AIS Program

Here is a more detailed list of the objectives and content of this program.

  1. Finish reading 2 full tafsirs of fhe Quran.
  2. Study a main classical fiqh text and its one of its explanations for all 4 schools of thoughts.
  3. Study a comparative fiqh module.
  4. Study at least 2 classical Usul al-Fiqh books and their explanations.
  5. Study in depth the sciences of the Quran and the principles that guide a Muffasir and the different schools of thought within the exegesis of the Quran.
  6. Study 2 main and comprehensive books on the sciences of Hadtih.
  7. Read fully 2 books of Hadith from front to back with 2 of their respective classical explanations.
  8. Read the belief systems of all main Islamic schools of thoughts and learn about the different sects of the past and modern times.
  9. Study 3 classical and contemporary books on Fiqh of Dawah.
  10. Study the first 3 periods of Islamic History: the Prophets and their Nations, the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the history of the Khulafa Rashudoon.
  11. Study a comprehensive book on Tazkiyyah and Tasawwuf from a main classical book.
  12. Study logic from the Arabic early Muslim scholars perspective.