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Supporting The LGBT Cause

"What we learn from this is that supporting corrupt people who are involved in the evil illicit behaviour - like homosexuality and other unnatural sexual activities - is a crime that warrants Allah's punishment for those who support and endorse such people." … Read More

by Kamil Ahmed , July 22, 2019


The Qur’an Should Not Have Been Preserved

When one considers the miracle of the Qur’an, a topic which is often highlighted is that of its preservation and there is very good reason for this. There are three significant reasons as to why the Qur’an should not have been preserved … Read More

by Ijaz Ahmed , May 17, 2019


Atheists as a Fringe Group in Human History

Although atheism is nothing new and has always existed throughout human history, it was never a widespread phenomenon like it has become today. In fact, what history shows us is that there were very rare cases of the total denial of a supreme… Read More

by Kamil Ahmad , May 17, 2019

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