Assalamu' Alaykum,

We understand.

You may have questions or may feel overwhelmed with the expectations of others around you or the expectations you have for yourself.

You may have gone through events in your life that cause you to question everything. It can be difficult to understand our purpose and where we’re going in life.

At Freedom Through Faith (FTF), we want to help you find the answers you’re looking for. We promise a realistic and judgement-free space to understand how Islam grants you freedom, peace of mind, and purpose.

Meet Our Team

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Zubair A

Senior Counselor & Manager
BSc Computer Science, Cyber Security Researcher at Microsoft
Other Interests: Quran, Personal Development, Leadership and Coaching, Inviting to Islam and New Muslim Development.

Adnan Khan

i3 Instructor & Counselor
BSc Honors Mechatronics Engineering, Senior Process Planner
Other Interests: Dawah, Islam, Western Philosophy, Usul-ul-Fiqh, History & Politics.

Duaa S.

Teacher & Counselor
BSc Global Health, Diploma Liberal Arts.
Other Interests: Education, Family matters, Philosophy, Middle Eastern studies, History, Aqeedah & Fiqh.
Specific: For both females and males. Males through emails only.

Jamal Khan

BBA (Strategic Management), Data Analyst
Other interests: Tennis/Badminton/Squash/Fitness, Outdoors, Language learning, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, History