What is i3?

i3 Institute is an educational organization that provides classical Islamic education through a unique, modern, and interactive college-level teaching approach.


Our teaching style emphasizes interactivity between the student and the instructor. We engage the students through multiple means. For example: open discussions, problem solving, presentations, group work and much more! That’s why we keep our classes small in size and have a low teacher-student ratio.



Even though our courses are fun to attend, we do not sacrifice the high caliber of knowledge we will be delivering. The amount of knowledge you will be acquiring will be solid and the learning experience can only be described as … intensive!



The whole organizational approach we take is to fulfill one goal in mind and that is to inspire the young generation to learn their Deen and for the older crowd to feel confident that it is not ever too late to learn Islam!

i3's Flagship Program: Islamic Studies & Leadership

We invite you to our weekly in-person Islamic development program, where each class is filled with an engaging presentation, group discussions, and Q&A at any time. If you are a person that is active and want to make an impact in your community, here is the perfect program just for you. This is not just an #Educational program. This is a platform for #Action!

Our Main Shuyukh

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Sheikh Usta
Founder, Instructor

Sheikh Usta has been teaching Islamic knowledge for over a decade. Sheikh Usta is currently completing his Masters in Islamic Shariah, and holds a Bachelors in Arabic and Islamic Studies. He has learned from 11 prominent scholars including Dr. Abdul-Fattah Idris, a leading Comparative Fiqh professor at al-Azhar.

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Sheikh Rasoul

Sheikh Rasoul is a teacher, a leader, and an active contributor to the community. He currently serves as the principal at ISNA High School. Shiekh Rasoul has memorized the Qur’an and conveys his knowledge through khutbas and halaqas at various mosques within the GTA.