Why YD


Our teaching is geared towards understanding the challenges of the 21st century. We show you that even after 1400 years, Islam remains the best way to live.


Joining YD is not like joining any other session or seminar, once you have joined YD, you’re part of a family that cares about your growth in and outside of the class. We teach our students to care about others as you were taken care of by the dedicated mentors.


We strive to make a difference in the lives of our students. These classes are places of transformation, in addition to being places of learning.

How we do it

Live Classes

Our classes are taught through highly engaging classes conducted by our qualified instructors.


The teaching does not stop with the classes. Our instructors are meant to help you navigate this life so that you may reach the next life safely.


The goal of learning is doing. We offer opportunities for our best students to get involved in community service through a wide array of projects across the I3 Institute.

What we teach


Learn why believing in God is the only rational way of understanding the universe, and why following His Messengers (AS) is the best way to live life.

Usul Fiqh

Learn how Islamic Jurisprudence works, so that we can appreciate the many intricacies of the process of Ijtihad.

Usul Hadith

The Sunnah of our beloved Messenger (SAW) is the only way to understand the Quran. Here we’ll learn the history of the science of Hadith and how it was preserved.


Who was Muhammad (SAW), son of Abdullah the final messenger? Here, we learn the story of the most remarkable and beloved man who ever lived.


Here we talk about current situation around the Muslim and Western world and understand our situation better.



We conduct our classes both Online and in person. Where relevant, please make the choice for the in person class on the registration form.


The class time is two hours, and there will be assignments and quizzes for the student to complete to be eligible for graduation.


Our classes are offered free of cost.