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3 Main Things About The Program


1. Building Leaders

We nurture regular individuals into aspiring leaders in their respective communities, friend circles, and families.


2. Instilling Life Skills

We empower Muslims to be critical thinkers, be aware of the challenges of today, and encourage refining life skills.


3. Principled Learning

We unapologetically implement and teach values and principles adopted from the Quran and the Sunnah.

A Peek Into The Curriculum

We cover everything from Beliefs, Islamic Law, Foundations of Islam, Spirituality, Tafseer, Ayaat, Hadeeth, Business, Seerah, Dawah, Language, and critical issues facing the Ummah.

Learn the main sciences of Islam and how Islam is relevant to our lives and society today.

We teach Muslims how to communicate Islamic concepts to others and focus on how to build on individual and community strengths, i.e. communication, leadership development, critical thinking through active learning, etc.

This is an integral and unique part of the program. There will be 5 main modules offered throughout the year:

Tazkiyah, Fiqh and Dawah
Leadership & Personal Development
Usool Al-Fiqh and Uloom Al-Quran
Seerah & Usool Al-Hadith

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much time commitment is required from me as a student?

The time commitment will be only 2 hours per week, to attend classes.


How much does the whole program cost?

Alhamdulillah thanks to our beloved Shuyukh's philosophy, we'd say it is quite reasonable ... it is absolutely free! :)


Does this program cover the basics?

Absolutely. This program assumes no prerequisite knowledge and will teach you the basics of Islam and the Islamic way of thinking about life, from scratch.


Alright I'm sold, so how do I register?

See below!